12 Incredibly Useful Products That You Can Get At Only $1

On Memplaza’s 30 seconds live auctions you can bid for your favorite items manually or through Membidder, the personal auto-bidder that each registered user has available to enter the highest shopping price you are willing to pay for that item. For a limited time only you are 100% rewarded for your first purchase on auction!So below are our top suggestions for items available for live auctions, starting at only $1.00.

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Base wireless charger with LED light to quickly charge any type of smartphone

Universal Qi Wireless Charger ($1)

Cool human shape tea infuser that is eco-friendly and non-toxic

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Comb hair dryer with absorbent microfiber bristles to remove 39% of water from wet hair, massage scalp and halt the growth of dandruff

Comb hair dryer with microfiber ($1)

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Home smart Samurai Pro knife sharpener endorsed by TV celebrity chef Robert Irvine to make any knife come back to life in seconds

Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener ($1)

A set of six pieces of leak proof, flexible silicone wrap covers to seal flavor and keep fresh any leftover food

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Multi-function hair trimmer and shaver for men to cut nose hair, eyebrows, and other extra small hair

Multifunction Hair Trimmer ($1)

Travel edition digital storage bag with double layer and several pockets to keep all electronics safe and free from tangling

Non-toxic, anti itch, and kids friendly, Bite Help to relieve the skin after being bitten by mosquitos. Ideal during hot seasons, for camping or for any outdoor activity

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Anti-aging facial massager that uses iontophoresis and vibration to remove deep seated wrinkles

Vibration facial massager ($1)

Deshedding and grooming pet hair glove to offer pets a gentle, relaxing massage while cleaning them

Compartmentalized storage box for shoes with 12 slots and clear top

Portable and foldable holder support for smartphones and tablets

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