3 Interior Design Trends for 2021 You Must Get Ready For

Source: Unsplash

Every year brings some new trends. Some interior design trends are inspired by the past, others take inspiration from social movements, others come out of a welcoming idea.

2021 will keep the current minimalist and simple design, but will also welcome recycled and eco-friendly materials, vintage and industrial looks, natural colors and patterns, with a touch of greenery to bring color into your home. Social movements fighting for sustainable behaviors and initiatives are having a key role in influencing home style.

So, say goodbye to color blocks, all-white accessories, millennial and gold rose details, and welcome a retro, natural and sustainable yet luxurious trend. Here there are the 3 most important interior design trends of 2021:

High contrast décor with black metal

Metal as an interior design material is being used more and more but was limited to bathroom and kitchen styling. In 2021, metal will conquer every space of your house. It gives an industrial and stylish look, particularly when combined with other bronze or copper items. Glass, wood and marble are great combinations for metal too.

Particularly, black metal has the capability of standing out from all types of background, creating a high-contrast and sophisticated atmosphere. It generates an attention-grabbing feature. Therefore, it is important to place it carefully in areas where you want your home accessories to have an eye-catching role.

If you cannot change your whole home but want to give a more industrial look, take these simple steps. Switch to some black matte pendant lamps and go for some raw metal accessories, such as baskets or wall decorations.

A touch of nature with rattan and wooden materials

Always keeping in mind sustainability, many designers have recently opted for eco-friendly material such as rattan and wood. Raw natural material has the power to bring warmth and texture to your rooms. This already-existing trend will for sure continue in 2021, as it perfectly adapts both to vintage and modern styles.

Rattan material catches the spotlight particularly when talking about patio décor, as it gives your outdoor area a more rustic and welcoming look. Therefore, go with rattan chairs and tables when furnishing your patio.

On the other side, do not forget to include wooden accessories. From shelves to decorative trays, tables and creative lighting, wood will add some contemporary elegance to your interior style.

Accessories inspired by nature

Another step to get closer to a great 2021-styled house is getting even closer to the natural world. Not only should you include natural materials, but also pattern and shapes that remind of outdoor life.

We love this Wooden Mid-century Modern Wall Clock as it perfectly combines wood, metal and nature inspiration.

Its uneven wooden rays remind of the sun, and can warm the entire wall. A clock is an essential accessory for your room: say goodbye to cold digital clocks and get back to tradition with a big analog dial.

Natural items and accessories should be included in your furnishings as well.  Exotic flowers, mystical animals and magical motifs always help add décor to a room.

Bring exotic home with this Golden Flamingo Statue: this metal little statue will look stunning on your desk or among your plants.

Inspired by the lotus flower, this Metal cut out wall décor can be hung over a door or window or used as a unique wall décor piece.

Its light color creates a great contrast on dark walls and give movement to your room.

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