5 Cool Gadgets that Make Great Gifts

Next time you’re tasked with giving a gift, make it something super cool but also super useful. This list of gadgets will help you wow anyone with your gift-giving abilities. These devices combine the perfect amounts of novelty and utility. And hey, they even make nice presents when you’re in the mood to treat yourself.

Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder ($10.40)

Key Features

  1. One Touch

    Easy one-touch mounting system allows for the locking and releasing of the device with just the push of a finger

  2. Stable

    Securely holds 3-inch wide mobile devices with a no-slip grip

  3. Wide Angles

    360° rotation for viewing at portrait or landscape angles

Ultra HD 4K Digital Waterproof Action Camera ($23.90)

  1. A water-resistant casing that allows you to film fascinating water sports: water-resistant up to 30 meters under water
  2. High definition screen that displays and replays fascinating videos recorded
  3. Detachable battery that is easy to replace and prolongs your camera’s service life

Dual Wireless Charger Pad ($23.41)

This wireless charger features two Qi-compatible charging mats, having the ability of charging two devices simultaneously at up to 20W output. The wireless charger has over-charge and over-temperature protection, and automatically puts into standby mode when fully charged to protect the dual charger and phone from damage.

Airplane 4-port USB Hub ($20.11)

The USB hub is shaped as an old-school aircraft, and the minimal fuselage shows off lovely details, while glossy gold nose and smooth curves deliver a retro design language.

An integrated USB cable is extended from the tail of the mini airplane in order to work with your laptop or desktop computer. Furthermore, each wing of the mini airplane features two USB ports, and each USB port features data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps, so it allows to connect up to 4 USB devices with your computer while keeping fast data transmission.

Leather Bluetooth Anti-Lost Keychain ($23.83)

Track & Locate Lost Items:

  1. Bidirectional search
  2. Two-way reminder
  3. Lost Place
  4. Remote camera
  5. Temporary do not disturb

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