Best Running Headphones 2020: our top choices to soundtrack your workouts

Understanding what type of headphones to get for your workouts and what features should matter the most, can be tough. To help you make the right choice, we tested an assortment of the best running headphones and selected the best of the best for you. These 5 models, specifically designed for sports, rose above all.

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Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sports Headphones with magnetic attraction and noise reduction. These headphones are specifically designed with athletes in mind, boosting a 360° stereo surrounding sound field for optimal sound quality and IPX5 waterproof system that make them sweatproof.

We factored in each device’s IP, or Ingress Protection, rating. A score of one or two means an earbud can withstand dripping water; Scores of three to six mean it will survive increasing amounts of rainfall for longer periods of time.

Adding a hook can improve an earbud’s fit, since there’s a second point of contact to hold it in place. The hook can also store antennae or a battery, helping these buds play longer than their truly wireless counterparts.

Wired Sport Headset for Type-C devices in fluorescent style with powerful dual dynamic drives to offer full stereo sound, pumping out powerful bass to improve the refinement of the mids and upper highs and create a sense of depth while listening to music.

For those who want to go truly wireless, earbuds are a must, and why not add some style to it? Introducing the i7s Camo Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case included. The best feature of these earbuds is that, despite the lack of wires, they still manage to achieve a transmission distance of 18 meters and a resistance of 32Ω .

This symbol represents the resistance of your headphones and it is given by the relation between the output rms voltage and current at the output of the headphones driver/amplifier. Common room loudspeakers are quite standardized: their impedance is almost always around 8 Ω

Nano Upgraded Version! Neck-Mounted Binaural Headset with powerful magnetic absorption, 5.0 Bluetooth and IPX5 waterproof system. Most headsets battery life is around 50-100 hours. These binaural headphones reach 300h of standby time. If battery life is essential to you, you may want to hurry up while they are still on sale!

i12 Bluetooth InPods with Charging Box. These incredible earbuds are made with special anti-fingerprint and scratch proof material and feature touch control, waterproof IPX4 system, graphene hoop system for environmental noise attenuation and are super easy to activate, thanks to their automatic pairing connection and wide IOS and Android compatibility.

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