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Can a Humidifier Really Help You Sleep Better?

Using a humidifier when you sleep can go a long way toward reducing dryness and congestion. It’s helpful even for children as it makes them sleep better. How? Read below to find out more.

According to Berkeley Wellness, using an air humidifier can definitely help your skin stay hydrated, as the humidity not only prevents your pores from drying out, but it can also keep your eyes and nasal passages moisturized, as well. 

Plus, having a properly humidified room can also help your case for sleeping better in the first place. One study found that by sleeping in a room that’s the right humidity, participants increased the median number of hours spent asleep versus snoozing in a drier one.

Those benefits only increase if you have respiratory issues, for people with allergies and asthma, a humidifier can help keep the airways moisturized, which is very helpful because dryness can make congestion and allergy symptoms worse.

If you have infants or small children, their nasal passages are more sensitive and can easily be disrupted by dust or dryness. This can cause them to toss and turn while sleeping, and even wake up more frequently at night. Adding humidity to their environment can help reduce disruption or irritation, which means extra sleep for the whole family. 

Additionally, make sure to clean the device regularly; the medical center suggests emptying, scrubbing, and even bleaching your humidifier every three days so you want to choose an humidifier that is easy to take apart, clean and assemble back together.

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