Cozy Sweaters fo Fall 2020

If you immediately think of sweaters when you hear the word “fall”, be ready to fall in love! Luckily for all those fall-lovers, this year is all about comfy knits and cardigans.

Fall is considered by many the best season, particularly when it comes to clothing. Fall means you can start wearing all those cozy and warm, yet stylish clothes you’ve been hiding the whole summer. Of course, sweaters can be worn almost all year around, but in the fall they get a completely different feeling.

Do you feel chilly on a September night? Wear a sweater.
Do you want to go out but feel cozy? Wear a sweater.
Are you hanging at home with some friends? Wear a sweater.
Do you need to wear something to go groceries shopping? Well, you already know the answer.

If you are looking forward to knowing what will be your next sweater, make yourself comfortable in your favorite knit, and check out the upcoming trends for fall 2020.

Color blocks

2020 trends won’t see any in-between solution: you either go for a monochromatic sweater, or choose a colorful one. If your choice falls on the latter, then you definitely have to pick a color-block knit!

From the standard aligned stripes to an eye-catching mixed-blocks pattern, color-block sweaters are the perfect piece of clothing to style with your basics. Match them with your favorite blue jeans or with a classic black skirt.

Don’t be shy on trying new colors. Vibrant shades such as yellow will have a role in brightening up your colder days. However, if you prefer pastel tones, go for pinkish and beige blocks.

Long Cardigans

Cardigans have always been a must in women’s outfits. They are the perfect solution when you don’t know what to wear or when you need a cozy layer of cloth to avoid shivering.

Cardigans come in so many shapes and colors that it will be hard to decide which one you want to buy first. Fall 2020, however,demands long cardigans. And if you choose a color-block one, you’ll catch two trends with one sweater!

One-color cardigans can be easily styled both with causal outfits, such as cropped tops and jeans, and more elegant dresses. On the contrary, color-block cardigans will make your outfit look more easy-going and casual, so pair them carefully. As they need to be the eye-catching piece of your outfit, match them with monotone tops.


If you’re more into details, cutout sweaters are definitely your thing. Cutout turtlenecks are the most intriguing and sexy kind, as they transform a basic sweater in a great going-out piece. By either showing just a small portion of skin or featuring a deep V cut, this sweater adds some extra style to your look.

This trend has spread and taken different paths, such as tiny shoulder slashes, whole cold shoulders, back cutout or entire sleeve cutout. Mix the different types and colors to fill your wardrobe with stylish clothing.

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