Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week Spring 2021

Credit: Morris Fayman

Fashion week sets the fashion trends for the upcoming months.

However, New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2021 has brought some new experiences to fashion runways: no street style, few in-person runways, smaller events, face masks everywhere and online streaming. New York Fashion Week became the first-ever digital runway and gained a more social look: many designers decided to take advantage of this particular moment to spread messages about social injustices, politics and climate change.

Regardless of the means for showing new collections, New York Fashion Week Spring 2021 has welcomed a considerable number of new trends.

Orange is the new trend

Typically used as a fall color, orange will have a key role also during spring 2021. It falls into several shades: the bright neon one, the sweet pastel or the burnt rusty one. This incandescent color tone will give a muted warmth to your spring days.

Carolina Herrera Resort 2021 – Photo by Josh Ollins

Jason Wu Resort 2021 – Source: Pinterest

Get ready for this trend with:

Undress with cutouts

A trend continuing from Fall 2020, cutouts are made for undressing during spring time. Designers got more creative about where to reveal pieces of bare skin: not only removing shoulders, back or arms areas, but also placing cutouts down the leg or on the waist.

The choice is so wide you’ll find the right cutout clothing according to your comfort level. For sure, New York Fashion Week hasn’t been shy about cutouts.

LaQuan Smith – Source: Pinterest
David Koima resort 2021 – Source: Pinterest

Some inspiration for your cutout looks:

Stay comfy but fancy

The pandemic has changed our clothing habits, shifting towards a more relaxed look. Designers embraced this trend and added a fancy touch. Fall in love with luxury loungewear and sweat-suits, which match casual hoodies with tailored or loose-cut pants.

These combos will give you the feeling of still being at home while you’re heading outside.

Cynthis Rowley NYFW 2021 – Source: Pinterest
Vince Resort 2021 – Source: Pinterest

Get comfy with these outfits:

Knit bralettes

Going braless has been a major trend lately, so designers are giving us a soft and supportive solution to match this trend: knit bralettes. The role of bra has been reinvented in this year’s New York Fashion Week to allow a wider possibility of mixing styles.

However, bralettes have their biggest success when styled with a high-waisted pant or worn under a cardigan.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh – Photo by Rachel Chandler
Altuzarra Resort 2021 – Source: Pinterest

Get your favorite crochet bralette:

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