Fashionistas, Here are THE Jewelry Trends of 2020

Ready for a brand-new set of jewelry trends to work into your wardrobe? The 2020 fashion shows came to a close and we have grouped the best 5 jewelry trends that are definitely going to be big this year. From vibrant colors to the new take on hoops, you won’t want to miss it. So keep scrolling to get inspired, and once you find your new fave style, you can shop it below!

Maxi Hoops

Shop the Trend Now: Big Hoops

Baroque Earrings $15.68

Multilayer Hoops $14.51

Exaggerated Hoops ($10.00)

Colorful Jewelry

If you always wanted to reach out beside gold and silver, now is the time to try to add some more color. From Moschino to Ulla Johnson and Brandon Maxwell, we saw plenty of saturated hues on the runways so skip the metallics and opt for a colorful bracelet or necklace to finish off a monochrome look. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, the more mishmash, the easier it is to pair with your wardrobe as it opens up the range of shades to coordinate.

Shop the Trend Now: Colorful Jewelry

Circle Earrings

Colorful Necklace $18.85

Lady Bracelet

Pearls on Pearls

Pearls are here to stay for another season and it’s easy to see why; you can easily add a touch of femininity and timelessness to your outfits. Pearls, whether real or faux, have made appearances in just about every form—from drop earrings to layered necklaces, even with the clip-on style and mixed and matched with gothic outfits. Basically, you can never go wrong with pearls!

Shop the Trend Now: Pearls

Pearls Bracelet $18.39

Double Pearls $14.85

Natural Pearls $16.09


2020 runways saw most models’ necks embellished with chockers: Monse, Gucci, The Blonds re-introduced this trend in the new year. And although models can get away with crazy pieces, you can still use this trend to your favor by incorporating more minimal-looking chokers with   your v-neck sweaters and knitted cardigans. Rhinestones are also going strong, so why not incorporate this design into a choker? It will add something precious to your night ensembles.

Shop the Trend Now: Chokers

Star Choker $9.54

Pearl Choker $11.51

Sequins Choker $10.44

Tortoise Touch

Thanks to Bella Hadid at the Brandon Maxwell fashion show, tortoise shell jewelry is back on our radar. Paired with all-black, the neutral pattern is the perfect touch of texture, matched with brown or beige shades, effortless class is assured. Nowadays you can pick up a pair of faux tortoise shell earrings that look just like the real thing, but cost a fraction of the price. Don’t believe me? See below the offers from 

Shop the Trend Now: Tortoise Jewelry

Spiral Earrings $10.33

Ivory Earrings $18.90

Retro Earrings $8.46

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