Feel the Heat Yet? D&G Sleepwear for Men to Lounge Around in Style

The manufacture of these pyjamas recalls that of men’s tailoring of yesteryear, when exquisite homewear and loungewear were crafted for gentleman with fine materials, exquisite silk, soft collars, piping and that general feel of unabashed luxury. From solid colors to polka designs and Italian-inspired looks, sleep in style with luxury designer pyjamas from the fantastic collection of men’s Dolce & Gabbana sleepwear.

Dolce & Gabbana Green Chair Print Silk Sleepwear

From the exclusive MainLine Blacklabel Dolce & Gabbana collection, get that luxury feeling with the shirt, pajama shorts and robe set. Made in Italy.

Green Chair Print silk Shirt Sleepwear
Green Chair Print silk Robe Coat
Green Chair Print silk Pajama Shorts

Silver Polka Dotted Silk Pajama

From the exclusive MainLine Blacklabel Dolce & Gabbana collection, long lounge pants or shorts in silver color with polka dots Sicily motive print. Comfortable with stretch waist band and softens assured with 100% silk fabric.

Silver Polka Dotted Silk Pajama Shorts
Silver Silk Pajama Lounge Pants

White Brown Cotton Pajama

100% cotton Nightshirt Pajama with logo details from Dolce and Gabbana’s exclusive sleepwear collection. Features a fresh long sleeved shirt with full front button closure and shorts with subtle brown geometrical print.

White Brown Cotton Pajama Shirt
White Brown Cotton Pajama Shorts

Hedgehog Silk Pajama Set

Original hedgehog motive print in this luxury silk lounging set featuring long sleeved shirt with one front pocket and comfortable pants with stretch waist band.

Hedgehog Silk Pajama Shirt
Hedgehog Silk Pajama Lounge Pants

Purple Striped Cotton Pajama

Gorgeous dark purple cotton nightshirt and exclusive pajama shorts with stretch waist band and two button closure. 100% cotton, made in Italy.

Purple Cotton Pajama Lounge Shirt
Purple Cotton Pajama Shorts

Blue Polka Pajama Set

Blue polka dotted print silk nightshirt and long lounge pants with two front pockets and one back pocket. Subtle design and silky softness from Dolce and Gabbana.

Blue Polka Silk Pajama Lounge Shirt
Blue Polka Silk Pajama Lounge Pants

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