Indoor Lantern Décor Ideas

Lanterns are no longer limited to be mere holiday décor, for example; decorating your livingroom during Christmas, or used as wedding decorations.  They have become more and more popular with indoor and outdoor décor all year round, because of their versatility.

Lanterns have so many shapes, sizes and styles that it is impossible not to find the perfect one for you. They warm up any room atmosphere and fill empty corners. When in doubt on how to decorate your room, consider purchasing an indoor lantern (or more than one!): they are the finishing touch that brings extra ambient lighting.

1) Create a cozy living

Just imagine yourself rolled up in a fluffy blanket, with a hot cup of tea in your hands, during a cold winter evening. Wouldn’t it be great to add some glow with a pair of big floor lanterns? Floor lanterns are a must-have piece especially if you have a fireplace. Simply group them together at the bottom-corner of your fire place for a breath-taking effect.

In addition, consider using string lights with minimalist lanterns for a fairytale outcome. Minimalist lanterns are a great piece of décor because their dark frames provide some contrast accents (which is a 2021 interior design trend!).

On the contrary, if you want to use candles, make sure you opt for glass enclosures.

2) Centerpiece

Lanterns styled with flowers or candles are the perfect centerpiece. Simply make sure that you don’t fill them too much otherwise it will be excessive and confusing.  

If you choose to decorate your dining table with indoor lanterns, you can use either open or glass lanterns. It is a very flexible option since you can change the decorative elements according to season and holidays. This will allow you to have constant up-to-date décor.

If you want to decorate a coffee table feel free to play with books, decorative trays and other decorative elements. Be careful not to overcrowd the table: 3 to 4 decorations should be enough.

3) Entryway décor

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Decorating your entryway with indoor lanterns depends on its structure.

If your entryway has shelves, small lanterns make a great shelf filler. Otherwise, on an entryway table, lanterns can be set next to mirrors to create a beautiful and romantic ensemble. Since mirrors reflect and amplify light, they make the space look brighter and welcoming.

Moreover, you could hang them from hooks. You can create a symmetrical pattern by positioning each lantern at each side of the main furniture, or an asymmetrical scheme if there is nothing else around.

You could also place big floor lanterns next to large pieces of furniture – such as a bookshelf or cabinet – to frame the room.

4) Staircase decoration

Particularly during holiday seasons, staircases are the best spot to decorate with lanterns. Play with heights and sizes by placing a lantern on each step and add themed plants and ornaments.

During the rest of the year, you could place a single big floor lantern right in the corner of a staircase’s turn. This will increase ambient warmth and create a nice-looking contrast.

Source: Pinterest
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