Jewelry Trends for Spring 2021

Photo by Alve Odonnell

2020 hasn’t been the year of jewelry but spring jewelry trends are going to amke up for it. Due to loungewear outfits which wouldn’t really match the sparkling or eccentric look of jewelry, we have left our favorite accessories in their storage box for a long time.

Nevertheless, designers gave jewelry a new role for spring 2021. Spring 2021 seems pretty far away, but we are already at the end of 2020 so it might be a good idea to have an insight into 2021 fashion jewelry trends.

Many new trends come from the first socially distanced and virtual Fashion Month, which combined comfy and relaxed outfits with statement jewelry. Get ready to give a new glam to your face masks.

1) Colorful beads

Designers are already looking forward to beach days and vacations. Meet the colorful trends of wearing crafty jewelry with tiny beads. The more colorful, the better.

You can wear them alone or layered, pairing them with pearls (spoiler alert: they’re another major trend!), metal pendants and chains.

2) Pearls

It may be hard, but erase from your mind the link between pearls and grandma’s style. Pearls have developed a new, modern style that makes them perfect for leveling up your outfit. When paired with gold metals, they get a more vintage, warm and classic look, and when combined with silver they become more modern and sparkly.

Pearls are a timeless piece of your wardrobe that will give you a sophisticated and glamorous look. And if you want to leave behind the vintage look, go for not-perfectly-round pearls and asymmetrical earrings.

From drop sparkling earrings to layered bracelets, there’s a style for you

3) Metal crush

Abandon the perfectly flat gold or silver jewelry for crushed, wrinkled styles. Designers want to get back to a more organic form of jewelry, by leaving pendants and earrings without the final ironing touch

4) Bold accessories

If you love to wear eccentric jewelry, then this is your year. Bold pendants and massive chains are the must-have features of your accessories.

Chains are worn in a disproportionate huge shape as choker necklaces, bracelets and earrings, infusing a little streetwear to your outfits.

Pendants’ shapes widely vary: animal shapes, nature elements such as moon, leaves and shells, or a simple metal ball are a thing. This is what spring jewelry trends demand.

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